One day I simply said to myself “enough is enough”!

Earning money on the internet can be incredibly challenging – I’ve discovered that what the majority of the gurus are telling us is simply not true. I believed them at the beginning… I seriously believed them and I thought earning money on the internet was just a matter of buying their products and solutions, working on their suggestions and beginning obtaining lots of money!

But it did not happen – eventually I invested in more and more products and solutions, I invested a great deal of money I cannot believe it myself.

I did not want to give up, I knew it was possible to make a living on the internet mainly because I really made a small amount of money. Not enough to quit my day job but more than enough to know that it was obtainable.

I’ve tested nearly everything, Pay Per Click, Adsense, Article Marketing, developing my own product, Social Marketing, ebay, CPA offers etc… I was an addictive buyer! I’m not 100% healed yet… But the difference is that now I am making a full time income from my online activities.

I am a happy 33 years old successfull internet marketer.

And with this blog, I want to take you step-by-step and demonstrate the path that lead me to economic independence.

Very soon I hope you will be able to quit your day job, like I did myself.

I would like to add that I am here to assist so do not hesitate to contact me if you’ve any question!