Article Builder – A brief history

If you’ve been into internet marketing for a while now, you are probably aware of Jonathan Leger, the creator of best sellers such as The Best Spinner, Adsense Gold, Instant Article Wizard, and much more.  Jon always releases great products, and he does a great job of keeping them updated too.

Article Builder is a new online software tool developed by Jonathan Leger that will help you generate unlimited amounts of articles with a click of a button, hence making article writing and article marketing extremely easy and very pleasant to do. 

UPDATE (as of 11th of November):
The first 500 memberships were gone in 5 days. The second were gone in 4. Now They’ve only added an extra 100, so they won’t last long.

Go get yours before they’re all snapped up!

Here’s the link again:

Article builder is probably the best solution for creating original unique content in simple 3 clicks of your niche who are searching for quality content.

Article Builder – The Bad news, the good news and the best news

Jonathan is limiting his new creation to 500 units and they have sold out all available memberships. But the good news is, there will be more memberships available by January at the absolute latest (it’s likely to open back up well before then). If you want to be notified when more memberships become available, before continue to read furthermore, enter your information in this form.

And the best news is, today(26th of october) he announced that, he is opening article builder up again november 1st. If you do not want to miss this great oppurtunity, you NEED to opt-into the waiting list

Do not forget, he is going to notify the people on the waiting list *FIRST* to make sure that those who are really eager get the first slots. This includes a lot of folks who are already on that waiting list and have been since he sold out last Friday.

Article Builder – Lets continue

Article Builder allows you to download articles that are mixed and mashed, creating “unique” articles that are readable. The snippets might not be unique, but mixed and mashed between – it makes a unique article I guess.

The articles read well IMHO – as good as, if not better than, some cheap articles I’ve had bought for sure in the past. I’ve just launched an acne site so this is perfect for creating content to use in the link building and I think I’ll even be able to get some of these through onto moderated, non auto-approve article directories and sites.

I keep asking myself, Could this be the end of the “what am I going to use for tier 1” question? Well… these would probably still not get accepted by ezine articles but maybe they could be good enough for hubpages and squidoos.

I can’t believe how well the sample articles read. So here is an example one:
i choose :
Network Marketing,
with keywords
seo, whitehat, blackhat…
and it came out with this:

Expert Network Marketing Success Tips For You

It takes a special type of person to start up a successful business at home. In many ways, it’s like attending school while simultaneously starting a business ““ you’re learning as you’re implementing techniques. If you’re an aspiring network marketer, use the tips in this article to help expand your business efforts.

Sponsoring a charity can help you get the word out about your business. Often, sponsorships come in various levels based on how much you donate, so you can be flexible about how much you have to give. This will get your name out to hundreds or thousands of people locally who may be interested in what you’re doing.

Be prepared to put a lot of work into your network marketing ventures. Though it may sound or seem easy, it will take much dedication on your part to learn what direction will be best for your particular business. Do not forget that the more work you put into initial marketing, the higher your potential return.

When calculation what passive income you need to become fully self-sufficient, don’t forget to include money which you can put away both for retirement and for emergencies. It is said we should calculate what we spend every month and multiply it by nine to see how much we will need in the case of an emergency. Network marketing can provide that money and more!


If you’re creating a network marketing business online, buy your own domain name! Shared hosting will make you look cheap and unprofessional, and you will NOT be taken seriously unless you have a domain of your own. Make it short and easy to remember, and don’t forget to include important keywords from your website in it for good SEO.

Forums are an excellent way to gain leads! Put your website’s address in your signature as a clickable link using your keyword-rich anchor text (SEO never sleeps!) and post away. Make sure you’re not spamming the forum, instead add insightful information which people truly want to read. The more they enjoy your posts, the more likely they are to click your link.

As stated, it takes a special type of person to work from home and be successful, but that doesn’t mean that being a network marketer is something only a select few can do. As you’ve learned by reading the tips in the text above, network marketing relies mostly on common sense and practical marketing techniques. Don’t be afraid to get started. Just use this info to help.

Article Builder – the interface

Article Builder - Interface

Article Builder - Interface

Article Builder is an on-line application, so you can easily access it from anywhere. The interface is surprisingly plain, but that is simply because it is so easy to work with.
Article Builder

Article Builder

Article Builder – Workflow

To obtain an article, you firstly should choose from one of several offered categories. At present, you will find Twenty three different categories which range from Internet Marketing to Dog Training to Nutrition. Content material gets added to the Article Builder database every week, in case a sufficient amount of people request a category, it will get added in to the system. Following you are able to input in an suggested set of subtopic categories and select your minimum number of words. Article Builder can create articles from 300 to 1000 words long.
Lastly indicate how many articles you would like it to create and press the button to spit out your new piece of articles.

A small tip for using Article Builder content(for more uniqueness

Have it build 10 articles, with 1000 words each.

Take each paragraph snippet, and spin with

{paragraph 1

{paragraph 2


and so on. So on average, your site should be around 500 words – but each submission would be using random number of paragraphs, and different groups of snippets. Every paragraph has a 50/50 chance of being in the end article. Even more uniqueness without removing the readability factor.

Article Builder Discount

What discount?
Jon Leger is going to open his next campaign up to 500 more customers, but Article Builder will jump from $197 to $297. I know you are disappointed. But still at this price, Article Builder is one of the tools you want to have in your toolbox. So, If you do not want to miss this great oppurtunity, you NEED to opt-into the waiting list

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