For a long time now, internet marketers have been advertising their products with Google AdWords while large companies use it as part of their lead generation strategies. This advertising service, which is a major source of Google’s revenue, has been in existence for some years now. Billions of dollars are poured into this program, and the number climbs all the time. This just goes on to show that online advertising is growing by leaps and bounds. This also shows that people must be making money using AdWords, but it also indicates that it’s quite competitive. Being careful with Adwords is important if you want avoid any mistakes to keep a decent Return on Investment. Watch out for some of the following mistakes in your campaigns.

Choose the keywords for your AdWords campaigns carefully, and make sure you don’t use keywords that are too broad to be relevant. This can happen if you think up lots of keywords that are not precisely targeted to your campaign but still seem promising. Remember that using highly targeted keywords is one of the most important principles of AdWords success. So carefully consider your niche and research what your potential customers are actually looking for. You can use free online keyword tools such as Wordtracker and Google’s own keyword tool, or you can find a partner to help you come up with good keywords. Getting your list of keywords ready is essential before you can actually start your campaign.

Also, don’t make the mistake of ignoring your competition. Failing to study this will make it difficult for you to run profitable ads. It’s important to analyze your competition. This can be effectively done with the Google Keyword Tool. You can pull up a list of a competitor’s keywords simply by entering their url in the keyword tool. It’s also good to get a sense of another site’s layout and the sort of content they’re posting. If you really want to know all about the competition, such as how much they are spending on PPC and their site rank, you can use Now, enter their topmost keywords in Google and see how their ads look, what kind of text they use, etc.

It’s very important to track advertisements and the keywords you use. This will cost you a lot of money on the long run and it will make it very difficult for you to scale your success. In other words, if your ads aren’t performing, you have just wasted your money. Tracking activity isn’t difficult as long as you use certain tools, such as Google Adwords.

You must use testing on every keyword, and even play around with different words like the plural of the word or even using it spelled incorrectly. Another reason why your keywords have to be tracked on a regular basis is to help you duplicate your success on the other campaigns. If you know something is working, it’s always possible to use that strategy on future advertisements.

The point is, you can definitely use Google AdWords to generate targeted traffic, but you have to be sure to avoid the mistakes we’ve discussed here. If you fail to properly research your keywords and your competition, you will be facing an uphill battle. It may take a little time and patience, but if you do the proper keyword research and manage your campaigns carefully, you will be able to crack the AdWords code.

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