As a webmaster or an Internet marketer, you must know the value of social bookmarking and how it helps you get targeted traffic to your site and gets it indexed in the major search engines much quicker. It’s become a strong marketing tool that is helping many people promote their web properties. If you’re just starting out and are not taking advantage of all they can do, then you may want to pay attention. We’ll devote the rest of this article to discussion on how to maximize their effectiveness in your own IM business.

With social bookmarking sites, it’s necessary that you become an active participant if you want to get the benefits. You have to find new ways to interact with the communities you’re targeting, although not all of them offer that level of participation. But you will find that the majority of social bookmarking sites are big on getting the users involved in every possible way, since they are driven by the users. Sharing bookmarks with people is a worthwhile activity, so start by getting as many friends as you can on these sites. Check out other members’ bookmarks and bookmark them yourself, as well as leaving comments. If you focus on contributing to the site and your fellow members, you will become a valued member of the online community and this will also bring you publicity and traffic as well.

Headlines are really important because that’s how people read and find content on bookmarking sites. So of course it doesn’t really matter how great everything else is if your headline is bad. If your headline is so bad that people just walk away, then you also won’t get any traffic to your site. Yes, you can shoot yourself in the foot because you can put in a lot of time to network, but if your headlines are turning off people – then it’s all wasted. As you can easily see, it’s worth it to write good headlines for your content.

You’ll also need to pay attention to when you submit your content. There’s about a 24 hr window in which to make your content stick to the first page of these sites.

So you have to think about when your particular target market will be present and online. Your bookmark can become pushed down by more recent bookmarks if your market arrives too late. Performing test bookmarks, with good content of course, and observing what happens is really the best and only way to figure out the best times for you.

Through social bookmarking sites, you can easily find the right audience for your business, and then you’ll use high quality and relevant content to convert them to visitors. You can drive targeted traffic from these sites, but it’s not a quick process and you’ll need to invest your time and effort to use them successfully.

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