Email marketing is the best known and oldest type of online promotion strategy. Many online marketers have used email to promote products/services successfully. Many new internet marketers, however, don’t know some of the basic principles of email marketing. We will now give you some principles to use that will help you make your email marketing efforts successful.

The most irritating factor about many promotional emails, newsletters, ezine, etc. is that they don’t offer their subscribers an easy way to unsubscribe from their list.

They think that including a un-subscription link will bring down the subscribers number. It’s common sense and knowledge that if an email marketer only sends great content that helps people with their problems, then most people will want to stay and not leave. In the United States, it’s also unlawful to ‘not’ provide a way for people to opt-out from a marketing list. What’s more, if anyone does want to leave a list, the unsub link has to allow them to opt-out right away. Some marketers tend to think that only offering the double optin option will filter out the people who are not serious about subscribing.

Stick to delivering just one message when you’re sending out a promotional email. It’s important to do this and avoid straying off into other topics. You never want to do anything that will cause your readers to stop opening and reading your emails. The best approach is focus on one topic, then put the main benefit in your subject line, and then say it upfront in your opening paragraph. Doing these things is important, and it’s very desirable to make life easy on your readers and customers. But these tips we’ve covered, so far, are for promo emails and not a content newsletter type email. But don’t overdo it with ezine/newsletter emails, either, keep them focused on several related topics, etc.

Use personalization to your advantage in email marketing. Many email marketers don’t communicate with readers in a personal way, so their emails don’t have much impact. You want your subscribers to feel that you are talking to them personally. Personalizing your emails is a great way to create relationships with the people on your list. How do you personalize your emails? Use their first name wherever necessary, especially in the subject line and the starting of the email. This way you’re approaching your subscribers as a friend, a guide, someone they can trust. This is easy for you to do, and it will make people more open to your emails. You can definitely benefit by doing this, and it will increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns. You have no more potentially profitable asset than your email list, so use it well. Therefore, if you want to be a good email marketer, you must follow a few guidelines. That’s why it becomes necessary to do email marketing in the correct manner. Just keep everything the same and you will make more money.

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