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The creator of one of the most well-known article spinning software program known to man “The Best Spinner” (TBS), Jonathon Leger, has outdone himself with Jiffy Articles. He has a lot of other solutions like Article Builder, Instant Article Factory and much more. Jon always releases excellent solutions, and he does a fantastic job of keeping them updated too but with Jiffy Articles he’s outdone himself.

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Quick Facts

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Web Site: Jiffy Articles Official Page

Software Creator: Jonathan Leger

Price: $77.00 (yearly subscription)
Price: $27.00 (every three months)

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As a seasoned article marketer, it’s really frustrating to continually have to come up with new ideas on the same niche. Perhaps you’ve some kind of idea of what to write about, but you just can’t get the ideas flowing for how you can structure the article. This means you experienced writer’s block. Do not worry it happens to all of us.

Maintaining your website which is your income source can take a lot of time and sometimes it’s hard to structure your own thinking and putting your thoughts together. You have to think and write fast enough to keep your website’s flow alive and active. You have to look from a different angle to the ideas at the hand and re-inspire yourself for new ideas every day. You can go and try lots of cheap article writing sites with lower prices but you’ll end up by re-writing the article you get back, moreover you’re paying and wasting your valuable time at the end. This reminds me the old British saying “I’m not rich enough to buy a cheap product”.

Avoid from Jiffy Articles if you don’t have an idea or you have and idea but you don’t know what to do with it (or how to use it). You simply cannot move on in that situation. Do not think this product as a fake, it simply helps you to discover even your hidden ideas that you never realize or notice before. It gives you a start up boost and let’s you roll. Don’t end up stucked between half processed ideas and unfinished articles. Don’t assign Murphy’s Laws to yourself, but instead assign Jiffy Articles to Murphy’s Laws so even they can work. And see the whole picture, even the tool itself becames a product…

Jiffy Articles is a web based application that walks you through creating niche content in dozens of categories by making use of pre-defined templates which are a collection of suggestions or ideas to use so you can write your content. In short, jiffy Articles doesn’t write the article for you but simply supplies you with a pre-written template to make use of.

As of right now, Jiffy Articles has 4,621 templates in 50 categories that you may use to spring-board into writing your next article. In case your existing markets are not represented, you will find even generic templates that cover a wide range of topics. Also there’s a resource box at the bottom of the templates, and the new templates include suggestions for what to put inside the resource box.

Jiffy articlesJiffy Articles is designed to help save it’s customers a lot of time writing articles by allowing them to choose article templates in many different niches. You use templates built into the system to give you an outline of what to write about when creating your content, or we should say converting a content to your content. This allows the process of creating high quality unique articles quite easy, even for an elementary school child. There are alternative suggestions on each box which allows you build your articles fast & easy every single time.

Jiffy Articles – how it works

You choose your topic from various niches and a template from hundreds of them. Template count is 5000+ and raising each day (along with the niches). Templates had been structured as introduction, paragraphs and conclusion. First you choose your category then your template and you will start to write your article. You can format your article by selecting Rich Text editor instead of Plain Text editor. The suggested ideas appears in blue so, you can easly separate them from your ideas.

You start to write your article by using, changing or skipping the suggested ideas. This is the very nature of how Jiffy Articles works. You can shape your paragraphs without limitation as you like it. There is Resource box field too. Jiffy Articles does not narrow you by classic rules. You can arrange your article’s length by using word count. You can finalize your work by clicking Create My Article. You have Check Spelling and Grammer option followed by download your article in to a .txt file. You also have Post to blog option.

Jiffy Articles also provides you to get your articles written by Jonathan Leger’s team, with the template you choose. Price is 1 cent per word which puts you $10 for an article that contains a thousand words. It’s an option for you to use if you need an urgent article which is a Plan B in the case of emergency.

Jiffy Articles Review : To be continued…

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