Article marketing is the only method with true freedom that many marketers choose. Here are how a few of the tried and true methods work.

One of more noticeable perks of article marketing is that it’s easier for you to pre-sell your items. Naturally, informative articles can warm up your potential customers about the product and provide them with enough information to assist them in making their purchasing decision. In the article, you are not selling the product, but rather educating prospects about the item or problems that can be solved by purchasing this item. This can definitely make your sales figures higher because when your prospect has made up their mind to buy something, it’ll be easier for you to conduct a sale. Gobs of article marketers don’t follow this method, yet hope to be flooded with traffic, when in reality they can use their articles to pre-sell their stuff and lead interested people to their website. An explanation for pre-selling being so crucial these days is because a lot of people have become very aware of what they are spending their hard earned dollars on and how much. In order to make the purchasing experience more pleasurable and to assist them in making a careful decision, informative articles can be the answer to all their questions. Last but not least; you should always try hard to tone down your pre-selling so that you don’t end up turning your article into an unplanned advertisement.

One more advantage of article marketing is that it allows you to personally promote all the different products you have and to observe how the traffic is converting for every single one. This provides you a chance to look for a trusty product is will actually give your profits. Also, when you have a portfolio of successful products, then each of them can be promoted through article marketing, creating multiple streams of income for you. This is particularly helpful for affiliate marketers who are constantly searching for new ways to market various products. And since you can write and publish articles on almost any topic you want, your options are wide and you’re not limited in any way. So if you plan to promote ten different products and test them out, you can easily do that through article marketing, and reap the long term benefits.

As you write more articles, you will also be developing your own ready supply of content on the topics you write about. The article content belongs to you and you can use it anytime you want for any purpose. Once you have a number of articles on one topic, for example, you could turn them into a single ebook, report or course, which you could market or give away as a marketing tool.

Since you have the content at your fingertips, you only have to reformat it into whatever package will work best for your marketing plans. Make sure you give away the distribution rights to whoever downloads your free report so that they can give it away to their visitors. This will slowly create a viral snowball effect, giving you free traffic that comes in for months/years. In summary, article marketing can be considered unparalleled and a trusty way to direct targeted traffic toward your site, without having to stress about investing any dollars.

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