Writing articles for use online is much different than people think it is.

It is definitely not something you can perfect in one or two days. You can, on the other hand, learn the techniques required and then you can improve your skills over time. Anyone with a decent writing ability can craft out quality online articles that get read. Never just jump into writing articles without any experience to back you up, because you’ll find yourself making some pretty large mistakes. Given below are three common article writing mistakes that you should keep out an eye for.

One of the mistakes we were just referring to is when internet marketers don’t write articles about a specific subject. A better way to go about it is to write about a subject and then follow through with that subject till you get to the end of the article. You will want to relate to your subject and then go into a lot of detail about it. Bullet points can be used to give your readers a clear indication of what you’re talking about. Keep your article about one topic. A subject can be presented and then expanded on in a way the reader hasn’t been aware of. Narrow topics make it easier to become original in the information you present, which will make your article stand out amongst the rest. If you can keep this in mind, you’ll be able to create content that isn’t superficial.

You also want to avoid the mistake of putting lots of hype or sales pitches into your articles. If your article has useful information, you have no need to waste space with hype. Your readers will be able to tell if you are using your article as a self promotion tool. You can use the resource box that comes after your article for your pitch. The purpose of the article itself is not to sell, but to make the reader want to learn more on his own.

Don’t make the mistake of overloading your resource box with too much promotion. You should instead use the resource box to get your website’s name out there by letting others print your article on their sites. You can’t have links leading here and then leading there if you hope to get the most out of these techniques. You want to focus the article instead of making it broad. You’ll want to stay with one or at the most two site URLs, because that will mean your article will get spread to more people. If you want to take the box ahead, include your affiliate link in it. Many directories won’t let you do this, however, so you should instead set up a few domains strictly dedicated to your affiliates that people can go to. Readers won’t mind too much and it looks much more businesslike.

As long as you are familiar with these common article writing mistakes, you should be able to avoid them. Just remember that any mistakes you make in your articles will be a reflection on you, your business and products, so it’s important to strive for quality. The way to produce good articles is simply to concentrate on helping the reader and not trying to directly sell anything.

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