SEO is a thing that has been regarded as very mysterious over the past few years. Many individuals understand it totally and use that knowledge to elevate the results of the businesses they own. It shouldn’t surprise you that people approach SEO from a variety of angles. One such approach is to write content and articles with SEO in mind to increase a page’s ranking in the search engines. Some suspect that it is best to write the info specifically for the search engine crawlers. At the time of this posting, in 2011, that approach really should be all but extinct yet it isn’t for very many people.

Google has been stating for a long time (and tried to enforce it with an alogrithm change) that you need to write for consumers not bots. The folks who arrive at your website hoping to find what they are looking for. What they don’t want are articles or fragments of content that obviously pander to the search engines (SEO articles). A lack of knowledge and perspective is usually involved in this kind of approach. If you write just for your viewers, you’ll start to see a lot of good stuff happen to your site, like a boost in the ratings.

Try to keep in mind that Google focuses on the length of time a person spends on your website. That metric is called, bounce rate, and it conveys to Google a lot about your website. If a visitor to your site only spends a moment on your site before exiting, Google will think that your site isn’t very important and is targeted for a keyword. That only spell out regrettable news for you. However, if people are spending lots of time, then you will receive more favorable Search engine optimization points from Google. It all ties in jointly at some point.

You have to be able to write well for your audience and give them what they really want and, to do that, you need to do some honest research. There is certainly really no other way to find out about your audience, or target market, and give it to them. When you have the right demographics, then you will be able to better deduce the difficulties they have. If you take some time to go to forums that your target market spends time in, you can get a good handle on their issues. Then, you will be in a prime position to write concerning their cares and problems.

That amount of in-depth content writing will also give your articles something extremely powerful. Your content could have relevance, and Google will have the ability to detect that with their intelligent algorithm. They are able to read your text and extract the general relevance. The only true way to acquire that kind of writing is when you actually know a good deal about your subject. When you combine that with your bounce rate, Google can immediately see just how relevant the content on your site truly is. Just check this ebay link for example.

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