Search engine optimization is an area that has been shrouded in mystery and stories for most people throughout recent years. Lots of people understand it thoroughly and use that knowledge to elevate the success of the businesses they own. Do not be surprised, then, that there are many ways to come at SEO. One such approach is to write articles with SEO in mind to boost a page’s ranking within the search engines. Some think that it is best to write search engine optimization articles with the search bots in mind. At the time of this writing, in 2011, that approach should be all but extinct yet it is not for very many people.

Google has been stating for a long time (and tried to enforce it with an alogrithm modification) that you need to write for men and women not bots. The individuals who arrive at your site hoping to find what they are seeking. What they are not trying to find are articles that cater to keywords which means, SEO articles. This approach is usually adopted because of not having enough information or having the right perspective. If you write for a precise audience, you are going to see some great things occur, like having better rankings.

Keep in mind that Google is observing the amount of time visitors remain upon your site. This is called your site’s “bounce rate” and it supplies Google with a lot of data. If people are spending mere seconds and then leaving, then Google will conclude your site is not relevant and targeted for that search term. That may just spell out unfortunate news for you. However, if people are spending considerable time, then you will receive more favorable Search engine marketing points from Google. All of it ties in collectively at some level.

Your capability to successfully write for your audience, and give them what they desire, is rooted in solid industry research. There won’t be any other way than to find out everything you can about your chosen market and website audience and after that give them what they want. When you have the right demographics, you will then be able to better deduce the difficulties they have. It’s easier to figure out needs and complications when you visit forums that are used by members of your audience. This puts you in the best position to write about their individual cares and needs.

This degree of research-based writing also can lend something great to your information. Your content will have relevance, and Google will have the capacity to detect that with their intelligent algorithm. They are able to read your text and extract the all round relevance. The only true way to obtain that sort of writing is when you actually know a great deal about your subject. After you combine that together with your bounce rate, Google can easily see just how relevant the content on your site truly is.

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