One of the biggest fears that early stage Internet marketers have is, how they would deal with the technical stuff like creating their website, without having prior knowledge about it. Even website software like Dreamweaver is not very helpful here because that kind of software is not designed to help people with no tech training to create good IM sites. This is the reason that X SitePro 2 was built. It is geared toward new Internet marketers who are hoping to build their businesses with SEO friendly sites that will bring in more sales and conversions. This review will explain how X SitePro 2 can help you grow your Internet Marketing business. Any individual who has used Dreamweaver knows it take a lot of time in takes upfront in having to build a webpage, especially if you’re an amateur and have little technical insight. This is definitely the thing that led Paul in to creating this software so that online marketers didn’t have to continue jumping through hoops to design their web pages.
When you get X SitePro 2 you will be able to create websites automatically–you’ll be able to see how it helps you create your business by automating the entire creation of your site. Even better, you don’t have to know programming to take advantage of X SitePro 2, though it does teach you some HTML basics. This software package is build just for Internet marketers who want to create a profitable website that does not become a huge headache. When you automate the creation of your website you will be able to put more thought into growing your business.
Content Publisher Scheduler: your website is only the sum of its content and there are reasons for why this is. Your site needs high quality content: not just for your traffic but for the search engines too. But one thing that people keep forgetting is that you need to update your site on a regular basis so that the search engines like Google rank your site higher than the other sites.
The Content Publisher Scheduler allows you to pre-schedule your content publishing on your website and automates the process; all you have to do is create the content itself. This way your site will grow gradually and, ultimately, your site will be given a good ranking within the pages of the search engines.
Like most things, X SitePro 2 does have its drawbacks, but they don’t detract from the overall quality of the software. One thing you will notice is that, if you have some HTML experience, the code produced by this software is not very neat (it can look confusing). Except for that tiny glitch, this software does not seem to have any real problems.
In conclusion, X SitePro 2 can be seen as a one stop solution for any Internet marketer who wants to create basic SEO friendly sites that help you sell more products and get more conversions.

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